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Globex Locations

Globex in North America

New Jersey Office
101 Maple Ave.
Chester, NJ 07930
Tel. +1 908 879 1150
Fax +1 908 879 1160

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Connecticut Office
61 Arthur St.
Black Rock, CT 06605
Tel. +1 203 256 1475
Fax +1 866 578 9624

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Globex in Europe

UK Office
20 Blunts Wood Road
Haywards Heath
West Sussex, RH16 1NB
United Kingdom
Tel.: +44 (0) 1444 450 919
Mobile +44 (0) 7968 191 511

Globex in Asia

Beijing Representative Office
Room 5C-22, Building A
Qinghe Yongtai Yuan
Haidian District, Beijing
People’s Republic of China

Globex Testimonials

Globex Testimonial #22

We had a 1,800 employee technology prospect with 500 international employees in 18 countries had previously used a one-man shop broker for guidance for their international renewals. This person unfortunately passed away suddenly in September! The director of HR asked us to provide a proposal to manage the upcoming renewals on a project basis. Globex provided the support and finished on time and under budget. Phase II of the project was for the client to hire Globex on an annual retainer (paid monthly) to provide ongoing support and help desk. The end result is that the prospect has decided to discontinue the domestic broker RFP process and simply ask EBSC and the incumbent to compete for this six-figure domestic contract.

–EBS Capstone

Why Partner with Globex?

Add an arrow to your quiver

When all your competitors are beating on the front door, sometimes it’s best to try the back door. Your global capability will enable you to offer a range of international benefits services that few competitors can match, and the Globex benefits team routinely participates in joint sales calls or prospect meetings to help explain and sell the capability.